Google Gadgets & Google Sites

Google SitesWow, this post will be completely different in tone from the other two, been mucking round with Google Sites (as we are using Google Apps at work) and have been super annoyed at not being able to just add a twitter feed!

Yep, there is a Gadget called Twitter made by a mysterious person called “Barnaby James” who I suspect is some Google employee’s alias… but once you add it, your site breaks with a https error.


So, I Googled it (haha, I know) and found some very helpful websites, in particular billsweet’s comment on the products forums website (see link below) and added it as a custom gadget.

New Error!

The gadget you added is not valid

Unsupported feature: org.apache.shindig.common.xml.XmlException: Open quote is expected for attribute "cellpadding" associated with an element type "table". At: (147,61)

So then after further investigation, discovered that if your site is private (as indeed this particular intranet site is) that you must host your XML gadget code on a public site. Okey dokey… uploaded it to a public site and then…

Same error as before!


Then I decided to investigate the code further and found that the offending line was roughly line 141, which called:

<script src=""></script>

Ah hah!! But then I was left with the issue of how do I access the widget.js onto a https site?

Turns out Twitter already took care of that, it is merely available on https as well as http… sooo changed the line to:

<script src=""></script>

No more errors, and now I have a twitter feed!

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