Travel blogs and being a social media junkie

IMAGE: Go Canada!Thought I’d change gears a bit for the next month or so… and also thought I’d let you guys know just in case that wasn’t what you signed up for 🙂 I’m about to go on an epic whirlwind trip to Canada and the US on a family holiday, so will post a few blogs here and there as a bit of a travel log! 

Until then… I’d like to give a shout out to a couple of blogs I’ve read recently, and repost some of their content here… (hope you guys don’t mind!) Richenda Vermeulen of I Am Richenda and Lindsey Talerico of posted a very good joint post on their blogs about how you know when you are a social media junkie.. uh oh I think I tick waay too many of the boxes! So without further ado…the ones that apply to me from both their lists are…. dum de dum dum…

  • You check twitter for whats trending before your alarm clock in the morning
  • You jump up and down with excitement when you (insert any) website has witty, user intuitive social integration
  • It baffles you that people don’t realise such a thing as Facebook advertising
  • You get irritated when people call you on the phone
  • Your brother tells you he is excited his tile shop will have its own Facebook page… you try to let him down easily…
  • The kid your babysitting understands your job more than your parents
  • You feel sad for people that can’t afford iPhones  Windows Phones
  • It upsets you when people talk about “the new network that will be popular after facebook dies”
  • You think of your life in a sequence of status updates but when your really busy you see it in tweets
  • You feel your family’s cohesion is in jeopardy because your brother isn’t on facebook
  • You try to convince everyone you know to start a blog to “express their identity”
  • You get emotional when trying to explain how social media has changed the world
  • You tweet-breviate everything… emails, text messages, campaign briefs, conversations with your spouse…
  • Ten minutes of your day was once spent considering whether or not an “inside the delivery room” picture is appropriate to post to Facebook
  • Emoticons find really realistic ways of describing your feelings at any given moment. Whoever created those is genius!
  • Vengeance is your mind’s immediate reaction when your spouse teases you his photo has more likes than yours
  • If there were a social media prom, you know you’d have one Klout-astic date
  • You scrapbooked the other… and by scrapbooked, I mean you did some extra pinning on Pinterest
  • You think the pursuit of happiness begins with a Google search
  • You’re acutely aware that the moment you start tweeting about your personal life, your follower count goes down at which point you grab a full glass of wine and redefine your strategy
  • You got up at 4 am the other day to update your Facebook status (hitting the right time in all your friends’ time zones requires sacrifice)
  • Twitter is your one-stop shop for all the latest goss: What’s happening on #GreysAnatomy tonight, Who’s the choice artist on #TheVoice,
  • Your prayers include: Please don’t let Facebook take Pinterest, too.
  • It takes you only 10 minutes to come up with this whole list

So true guys!!

Visit the links below to check out their blogs and these posts in their entirety!

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