First few days of our North American Adventure!!

78-x-50-Double-Sided-Canada-Flag_150x150Landed in Vancouver crazy early on Friday morning. Which is kinda awesome cos we left on Friday morning! It’s like it took us an hour to fly half way across the world!

We decided on a quick trip to the supermarket, traveling with two kids means that there are essentials that you need as soon as you land! Also, it’s always awesome to check out weird (read: non-kiwi) groceries! For example chips bigger than my head!!


And the entire shelf of maple syrup (it is Canada after all)


I was also amused by the Kraft Dinners, having only previously heard of them thru a song…


And cosmic brownies, I didn’t get them but I wonder just how cosmic they were.


Then the next day, woke to the first snow of the season!!


The kids were excited, but not as much as mom and dad I think.

Think I’ll stop for now… More to come when I can steal internet from somewhere else!