Bittersweet Second Post from North America

happy-face-sad-faceSo, have had some highs and lows in the next few days… We made it to Portland and to the Microsoft Store there, and I was the proud owner of a shiny new Surface 😀

Then there was an awesome day of shopping at the biggest outlet mall I’ve ever been to! The Disney store was definitely a winner with the kids!

The next day, onto Seattle and the home of Starbucks (seriously, every corner has a Starbucks, not figuratively, actually!) Although I am a bit against Starbucks in my normal day to day life, decided that you can’t go to Seattle and not have Starbucks. So went to the original Starbucks on Pike Place (right next to the Pikes Place markets) and had the first vanilla latte I’ve had in 8 months (they are a bit too calorie intensive for non-vacationing vivster81)

Vanilla filled coffee heaven was after a disastrous nappy episode the night before. (if you are a parent, you will understand, if you are not, you will not want to know) I gave my purse, with ALL the passports in it) to understanding hubby and went to take care of said nappy episode. Hubby went to a exercise store to check out the equipment with Mr 4.5, who decided he wanted to see over the counter of protein bars, CRASH and hubby left store, redfaced and without the purse.

We didn’t realise till the next day, and after a few panicked moments retracing our steps, and figuring out the missed call the night before on my mobile was probably related, we called the nice folks at GNC Supplements in Southcenter Mall WA, and they confirmed that they did indeed find the purse! *whew*

So then, onto the Chihuly Glass Museum

Chihuly Glass Museum

Pretty awesome… but definitely avoid if you have kidlets… Spent the entire time saying “no, don’t touch that! watch what you’re going, you’re gonna break that!”

Back to Canada where disaster strikes! An innocent bump later, the brand new Surface fell on my ring and there is a big crack right across the screen! I`ve contacted the travel insurance people, but there is now a nervous wait to see if they can do anything before we get back to kiwiland… eeep

UPDATE: Microsoft Store Reps are absolutely awesome!! After chatting with the staff at the Edmonton Mall Store, they agreed that while this isn’t covered under warranty, gorilla glass should really be stronger and they replaced it!! SOOOO grateful and trust me, treating my new one with kid gloves

Ok, will have to update more later… internet is a bit shakey still and all the photos are stuck on the other device!