#BAD13 EVE! Wrap up – Articles 28 to 30!

Alright! last post on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the eve of Blog Action Day 2013! Whew, I can’t believe I actually glossed and talked about each article in some way shape or form! Now to come up with some spectacular awesome idea for tomorrow’s actual #BAD13 post!

So Article 28 then, basically says that “all of the above” should be realised. It’s kinda a chicken and egg thing, Article 28 wouldn’t exist without Articles 1 thru to 27 and yet, wouldn’t need to exist either! ha! I think all legal documents have something like this tho, so quite an uninteresting article all in all. (Legal eagles, feel free to comment on how wrong I am, I really should go do a law degree)

Article 29 seems to be of a similar ilk. Kinda a disclaimer that says that “while these Rights are all well and good, in the exercising of such rights, you are still limited by the rights and freedoms of everyone else” Which I guess makes sense, but does make it tricky.

Article 30 is another one of those chicken and egg ones. It says that all the rights there are in the UDHR can’t be interpreted in any way that could mean that those very same rights are destroyed. Basically you have to take the document as a whole and to make sure you don’t step on any of the others when doing one. Again, a tricky one.

So nice short post today… stand by for the actual BAD tomorrow!