PRIDE! and Unicorns!

Twitter888c5b6_jpgI had THE MOST AWESOME Saturday night and so did thousands of people! It was the second ever Pride Parade in Auckland! (not including all the Hero parades we have had in the past!) It was the culmination of two weeks of <<insert superlative complimentary adjectives>> Pride celebrations!

I marched with the Amnesty Aotearoa crew as a UNICORN!

Unicorn vivster81 at the Pride Parade in Auckland 2014
Unicorn me at the Pride Parade in Auckland 2014

I marched last year too, and I must say KUDOS to the Pride organisers for making it an evening event instead of an afternoon event! MAAN it was muggy and hot and humid and the evening cool helped matters a bit! (I think by the time I actually marched, all my makeup had faded, I’m so glad I didn’t go with face paint!)

You can probably google the official take on things, but from where we stood (number 11 in the queue) it was great! We even had a chance afterwards to walk down Ponsonby Road in the other direction, incognito, watching the rest of the floats.

There seemed to be more floats this year, which made it much more para-dey and less march-ey on last year, so I can only imagine how much bigger and more awesome it’s gonna get!

WELL DONE on everyone involved! And here’s to 2015!