Happy (almost) Mother’s Day!

Woman not witch! A lady in Papua New Guinea has had her arm brutally cut off
Woman not Witch © Vlad Sokhin

I am a mother, I have a mother as does my husband. Typically, in the midst of the commercialism of living in the Western world, this week (the week before Mother’s Day) our days are filled with the question “What should we do? Should we do it all together? Should we take our mothers our seperately?” etc etc etc

Of course most people would just say, if it’s too much stress just forget it! After all, it is a manufactured holiday created by corporates to sell cards and inane gifts like aromatherapy sticks.

I want to use this occasion to highlight the difference a little thing like geography can make.

Michael and Kate (who are colleagues of mine from Amnesty International) heard about one such mother. While I am worrying about whether my child’s shirt matches his jeans, this mother is scared and trying to protect her two teenaged daughters from being brutally murdered. This woman and her daughters were being held hostage, accused of sorcery in Papua New Guinea. Michael called the police in Bougainville straight away, but they couldn’t investigate, apparently because they had run out of petrol.

Women’s rights are not being taken seriously worldwide, and definitely not in Papua New Guinea.

However, with support from mothers like me in this part of the world, change can happen. The PNG Government has repealed the archaic Sorcery Act and have also introduced a Family Protection Act (which outlaws domestic violence for the first time in the country’s history)

So, if you are a mother, living here in New Zealand, (or one of my international readers from other equally privileged countries), celebrate Mother’s Day by helping the mothers in Papua New Guinea.

Read More and help here: http://www.amnesty.org.nz/get-involved/donate/woman-not-witch