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o365-logo-squareSo this latest more geek-related post started off simply enough. I just installed Office 2013 on an old laptop, signed in with my Microsoft Account and was amused to see all my “recent” documents appear as if I’d been using them on that laptop!

Yea, I guess I’m a bit behind, but hadn’t actually done that yet so tweeted about it.

Well @office saw it and decided to interact with me and gave me 1 year free trial of Office 365. I have to admit, this was the first time I’ve actually checked out Office 365. I’ve always had access to one version of Office or another through work, and yes (*gasp*) i’m also increasingly using Google Drive now, so I hadn’t investigated Office 365 at all.

However, I thought if they were offering it then I’d better check it out.

In summary, for a small amount each month you have access to the latest Office and you can share it with 4 family members too without paying anymore!

I thought that was a pretty cool way to do it, I’m all for Cloud Technologies and moved all my documents to OneDrive a long time ago!

I guess i’d also like to say up front that I do prefer how Office works. I am quite a power user when it comes to Excel (I mean not super power user, but let’s just say I do know what a Pivot Table is) and Google Drive Spreadsheets just doesn’t seem to do it for me yet. Also, for here at work we have an official font, and you can’t install that on Drive either! (Comic Sans Anyone? kidding!!)

I also like OneNote (I know what you people on Evernote are gonna say, there are alternatives…I get it) The hubby and I have a shared shopping list synced to all our devices and so at the supermarket, he has NO excuse to forget my request for more Marmite!

Well, this is a bit of an advertorial for Office, but it’s how I set it up to be. 🙂 I’d really like to talk to people who love it or hate it… or maybe discuss this “newfangled” business model of a monthly subscription? I know it’s causing havoc across organisational budget lines! (Op Ex instead of a yearly Cap Ex!)

Also I still have that Office Key which I can give away as a prize! Do YOU want to try Office 365 for a year for free? (and share it with up to 4 of your household)

Comment below.

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