Patriarchy and Comedy

TRIGGER WARNING: While there is no explicit content in this post, I do mention sex-based crimes.

Just came back from a comedy show in town, and it was pretty damn funny. Must admit, there were bits where I laughed so hard I couldn’t really breathe. Good night all round.

Then there were bits where I thought… hmmm…

Now, of course not everyone going to a show is going to like every single thing that is said. And, yes, as a disclaimer, I’m currently writing a paper entitled “Rape as a weapon of war”, so patriarchal norms, sexism and violence against women are currently top of my mind.

Yet, there is just something slightly off when jokes are about sexual violence, especially when it is from a male comedian.

I think the crux of the issue is, when you are in a position of privileged, you really shouldn’t be making fun of those not in the same position. If you make fun of someone that is “better” than you, it’s funny, when you make fun of someone that is not doing as well as you, that’s bullying.

AND, (and here’s the clincher), what i’m talking about here is pretty much the entire of society. When, even in a relatively ‘free’ country like New Zealand, women are more statistically in danger in their own homes than when wandering the streets (look it up yourself, I’m not providing a depressing link here) there is an equality issue. When the ‘privileged’ is half the population subjugating the other half, there is an equality issue. When the ‘privileged’ constantly argue that there is no equality issue, there is an equality issue.

I’m gonna stop right here. I’m not even going to mention who the comedian(s) were, it’s not their fault… they just live in this world.