Let’s CHANGE the world!

change_the_worldI was inspired to write this post because of Sarah Wilson’s recent blog post which was the response from a company she had previously blogged about. You can read the post, or the original one they were referring to by clicking on the link, or here is a one-line summary

“It is a reality of the world to be [INSERT SOME -IST HERE], don’t be silly and try to change it”

This is actually a sad sad sentiment. The world is better because people like Sarah didn’t take crap lying down. The world needs to have more people who want to change the world, and less people who accept it “because it is reality”.

The original post that Sarah wrote was about how this advertising medium was sexist, demeaning to women, and endorsed rape culture.

Yes it does.

By saying that sexist content is a ‘reality of the world’, you are really proving her point. Yes, rape culture exists and is normalised.

One of the examples the person used was the lady skiing down a slope in a bikini.

I personally can appreciate an attractive woman. Surely this is no different to what you would find in a woman’s day magazine.

Yep, note that we didn’t say that Woman’s Day wasn’t sexist (let’s leave that topic to another day, shall we).

She also asks whether we want our children to view music videos instead. No, I do not.

Why can’t these same screens show Bill Nye the Science Guy or Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson? Or merely PSA for the medical clinic in question? THERE ARE A MYRIAD OF POSSIBILITIES, the only other option is NOT music videos!

Anyway, I digress. I felt like I needed to stand in Sarah’s corner.

Keep fighting the good fight Sarah… LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD!