Research and Life

It’s a bit of a lazy start to the new year. I’m in year two of the Taught masters, so no more papers, just the research dissertation to go. I’ve gotten a bit of Ahead start by meeting with my supervisor before the year actually started, but am trying not to let that be an excuse to then not do anything for a few months!

On well, we’ll see how it actually goes. I’ve even started doing my readings so I can’t be doing that badly!

Also, the big offspring went back to school this week,  so that will make life a wee bit easier!

Just thought I’d kick my blogging for 2015 off with a nice low-key short piece. I’m often a bit too ranty for my own good on here! Feel free to say hi In the comments, I think this year my aim is going to be a move conversational feel, try to build up a bit more of a community around it all.

So anyway, that was it. Might have a bit of a fun update from the road this weekend, I’m giving the Whole Hawkes Bay wine cycling thing a go!