yayThis week, after a hectic and crazy 9 months, the new website launched! There have been blood, tears and sweat, and it has all been worth it.

The main project manager is currently travelling through an area of the world that doesn’t like human rights, so I’ll wait till she lands somewhere safer before mentioning her 🙂 But you know who you are.

The current digital manager has inherited a very nice website and only had a month or so working on the old site, so will probably never appreciate how awesome this upgrade is for us.

Don’t get  me wrong, I was intimately involved with the last upgrade, but it was 2009, so I won’t lie, it was time.

A massive shout out has to go to our amazing partners.

The team at Applicable who worked day and night to get this up and running to a ridiculously tight deadline! The amazing Berend at Xplain who provides our hosting, and our emergency last minute upgrades to the server. The team at ThankQ Solutions who created a brand spanking new API for us so that it can actually talk to our CRM (radical idea, I know)

For those of you that are interested, here is a side-by-side comparison.

Ain’t she pretty!