What the #digitaldivide means

I’m at #nethui (if you couldn’t guess from my crazy-ass twitter stream today) and Di Daniels from Computers in Homes just spoke at the Jump Start session. Every year I come here and when Computers in Homes gets up there, it is a stark reminder of my privilege.

I’ve been involved with OMG Tech for a while now (since its inception actually!) and the entire aim of what we are doing, is bringing future tech to the kids that can’t access it normally… but the kids that Di helps are even further from that. They aren’t just kids who hasn’t played with 3D Printers or robots, they are kids who have no access to the internet and can’t email their homework to their teacher!

It’s so hard, even the World Internet Project admits, that they can’t research who needs the internet the most, those people don’t have internet or phone lines, how do you even ask them?

So, I ask you, dear reader, how do we fix this digital divide? We all agree that we need to, we just don’t know how.