More musings from #nethui

Nethui is drawing to a close now, and as always it’s been a mixed bag of talks and awesomeness all rolled into one! Meeting all the people I talk to online in real life is always cool (I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “ohh you’re vivster81”) and there is also the added buzziness of being in the same room as people who can actually change things. Being able to take it from “wouldn’t it be great if…” to “let’s talk about that next week” is where it’s at!

I also love the fact that there are educators, policy makers, politicians, tech people all in the same space. you’ve got people doing things with kids and you’ve got people doing things with seniors and they are ALL HERE!

So if you have been following me on twitter and wondered why I upped my tweet ratio to MILLIONS of tweets and why they were all labelled #nethui then please, consider coming next year, what nethui needs most is the multiple and diverse voices! We all know how to talk to our own tribes, it’s when you are heard by someone else that real change happens.