A friend of mine posted this pic on social media…


Which is a nice and affirming picture for our young at heart slightly older population. Awww, isn’t that nice… you can TOTALLY be a superhero… if you are an old man, no worries

But wait, you say, don’t be so hasty, there have been women superheroes…

Yes, you are right, because I thought I would make this meme again, but only with the women who have starred (or at the very least BEEN IN) superhero movies.


Can I just tell you that

1, I really really had to think hard and google with all the googling mojo I had to find EIGHT people, and yes, ONE OF THEM IS THE SAME PERSON WHO STARRED IN TWO MOVIES.

And 2, notice anything bout the ages (NOT TO MENTION the costumes)

I may just stop now