Fun things to do while watching Arrow

I haven’t blogged since last October, and initially I felt like perhaps my first one back from such a hiatus should be some kind of deep insightful commentary.

Then a fun conversation with Stephanie later, I decided to do this instead!

So, without further ado, these are some fun things to do while watching Arrow.

PS: If there are spoilers, I apologise, but seriously, don’t read things about shows if you haven’t seen them yet

PPS: this is meant to be all buzz-feedy and listicle like, so it’s not quite like my usual format of blog.

Fun things to do while watching Arrow

[1] Call PARKOUR PARKOUR when you see parkour


[2] Count how many times someone says “It’s not my secret to tell”


[3] Count how many times Felicity says something awkward (and then laugh because you’ve totally done something similar!)


[4] Stare at Stephen Amell with the same intensity that he stares at *you* through the panning movements


[4a] Try not to throw up as the camera zooms erratically around and around and around (I can’t find a gif for this)

[5] Pause and replay ALL the workout scenes (my personal favourite)