From the ARGH Case Files

WARNING Trigger Warning for mention of child pornography

So this article appeared on the Herald today, with the unfortunately horrifically bad headline “Judges living on planet ‘dumb arse'”

(note, this is a bad headline because it makes fun of the should-be hallowed institution of our judiciary, and thus will turn off any serious readers instantly)

If it is a bit #tldr for you, the article basically tells of an unnamed ‘IT consultant’ that has OCD and was just ‘collecting’ child pornography, in staggeringly large quantities, but got off scot free because he claimed that he did not get any kind of sexual gratification from them, is a principal breadwinner to his family of two young children… blah blah blah.


MILLIONS of children are kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery a year, Destiny Rescue (not affiliated with that *other* Destiny) says that it’s about a kid every 17 seconds!

THIS is the harm of child pornography.

Every download (regardless of whatever bullsh!t reason you give for downloading), gives the people that make this shite reason to keep making it.

Also, seriously, you’re letting a person with two small children off, to spend time with his children, alone?!

I digress, I obviously don’t know all the details of this case, but there just has been too many that have gotten low or non-existent sentences lately. It really has to stop.

(If you are angry like me, #shoutout to my mate @_LisaHo’s organisation Destiny Rescue, donate now… they need more money, let’s AT LEAST save some Thai kids if we can’t help them from here)