Microsoft #hololens – a non-review

So this happened (image above obviously)

I went to what seemed like a fairly exciting, if fairly normal She# event yesterday… and then three lightning talks later Rocky Heckman the business development manager from the Hololens team came up. The excitement was actually palpable!

This was the super secret hush hush first ever demo of the Hololens in Aotearoa… and what a crowd it was to!

I got the selfie (well actually it was a stock standard photo) but there wasn’t quite time for me to give it a go. The Galaxy Explorer app that Rocky showed was amazing, you can walk around the Earth and zoom in and out, and explore the Milky Way and all while not walking into things (unlike Google Cardboard, Occulus Rift etc) because the Hololens still lets you see the actual world around you.

What I think I want though, is an implantable Hololens… imagine this, it’s embedded in your eyeball, you see someone, and it comes up with the last 5 touchpoints, you’d be one of those awesome ‘people’ persons, all with a bit of tech!