Agile…or am I?

In the current span of my career, i’ve had many and varied training courses but none have blown my mind like the one I did last week with Sandy and David from Nomad8. In fact, i’ve specifically done courses on facilitation in the past and I can honestly say none have even come close to this one.

I’ve been dabbling in Agile for a wee while now, and recently brought in Agile methodology to a non-dev environment, but the chance to spend two days really thinking about what it means to be an Agile facilitator was amazing.

The other participants were from a range of much larger companies than the people I normally get to meet, and it was heartening to hear that people are much the same everywhere. The same issues that everyone has running meetings (or planning/executing a project) are normally due to personalities rather than skills or environment… and that really simple facilitation techniques (tricks even) can make a world of difference.

I won’t talk about it too much, after all, I wouldn’t want to be accused of #spoilers! If you are at all interested in Agile, all that i’ve heard about the courses at Nomad8 is good things, and now I can vouch for it personally!