How is this still a thing?

The Spinoff posted an awesome video and article combo recently. If you want to go watch it, I’ll wait right here… or I can give you the TLDR version. Basically, they interviewed a whole bunch of amazing comedians and recorded the sexist comments they had been subjected to. Yes, I neglected to mention that these are female comedians.

Seriously though, how is this still a thing? It is 2017 and really talented creative artists have to still deal with sex jokes while on stage?!

I am a cis-gendered female. I am also in the IT industry. I have spoken out, time and time again, on how it is to go to conferences and events, and be the only woman in the room. (No, i’m not including the catering staff… urgh) and yet, this is several shades worse. Not only are these human beings being subjected to abuse from people who have paid to go watch the shows they are in, they are also subjected to horrible commentary from the people they work with and their colleagues.

Come on society, we can do better.

Do we want to be a world where women are too afraid to step up on stage? I mean, surely even the men don’t want that?