It’s my birthday!!!

It’s my birthday this week and in looking round my house I see that I have entirely too much stuff… and also with the hashtag #IAmMetiria we are reminded (once again) that there are a lot of people who are not so lucky.

I do happen to know that a lot of YOU are not quite in such dire circumstances.

So, if you were so inclined (and you really don’t have to) OR you were already planning on getting me a present, then please, instead, donate to one of these charities…

OMGTech! –

I’ve been volunteering with OMGTech! since day one. I have been lucky enough to get to do more and more with them recently. There are many many kids out there on the wrong side of the digital divide. While you might be thinking that this isn’t as important as food or clothes, I urge you to rethink. There has been lots of talk about the Future of Work recently, but organisations like OMGTech! can see that it isn’t the Future of Work, but rather the Future of Life. Everything is moving online, pretty soon if you don’t understand tech, you won’t be able to vote, or even access medical services. OMGTech! bridge that divide, they help kids access tech that would never get a chance to.

The Aunties –

I’ve been helping out with The Aunties for a few years now. I don’t have as much funds as I would like to help out more…and everytime I read a tweet from Jackie or read a blog by Michèle, I feel increasingly helpless. It makes me so sad that we need to have these services in Aotearoa, but we do… and The Aunties do an amazing job here in Māngere, Tāmaki Makaurau.