Synchronicity: When WiTNZ And Ally Skills NZ Get Together

What a blast! I have just come home from co-facilitating an #AllyTeaserWorkshop with the amazing crew (Shoutout to Lauren, Alix and Brough, my partners in crime!) at AllySkills NZ. We were hosted by the wonderful team at Women in Tech NZ, and I can truly say i’ve never had a more welcoming crowd.

We kicked off with a welcome from our founder and CEO Lauren Peate

and went through a quick tiny version of our full workshop. We talked about language, and types of privilege and just what being a cyclist means to systematic oppression.

Then when it all was starting to feel comfortable and we thought we all got it, we broke up into small groups and did some real-world scenarios

It’s always a blast doing these, and it was especially rewarding talking to a room full of amazing wāhine toa (and a few of our tane joined us too) who understand what it’s like to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Seriously, though. If you were there and loved it. Or if you followed along the tweets and are intrigued… give us a call (well flick us an email, it is 2018 after all), we’d love to talk to you and your team about what a truly diverse and inclusive organisation can look like!

Ngā mihi nui, thanks for reading!

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