Roastbusters again… really?!

When I used the horrific Roastbusters story as an introduction to my masters almost three years ago, I never thought it would really come back up again… unless it was in a “wow, i’m glad we are better than that now” context.

Unfortunately, Newshub had a different idea. Two days ago, they decided to post an exclusive two-part interview to “air their side of the story”. They have since come out to admit that it was in fact at the behest of Parker (the so-called ringleader) and he was even cheeky enough to ask for flights back to Aotearoa to do the filming.

I won’t link to any of it. You can google it if you really want to watch and/or read it.

As a caring kiwi public, we need to see this for what it is. Parker is wanting to launch a music career, and is reprehensible enough to think he can ride on a crest of pretending to repent and having found religion. He put up a Patreon before he even did the interview.

I have watched some of the interview, and while I am not a psychologist, he did not seem remorseful or repentful. Actually admitting that they initially considered it a ‘performance art’ is a punch in the stomach to the poor women who are now re-living the trauma for absolutely no other reason than to further their attacker’s music career.

I did a lot of research into everyday sexism a few years ago. It was before the #metoo movement took hold, but the conclusion remains the same. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of our past, let’s be better than that.