Kung Fu Panda!

Some of y’all might know that I’ve started to try a few new things in recent times. One of those things is a bit of pole dancing!

It’s been amazing and wonderful to learn all the new ways that my body can move and to connect to my inner grace (narrator’s voice, there is very little, we have to dig deep)

So here is a mashing together of two of my passions, Karate (despite what the song says) and Pole.


Master Po from Kung Fu Panda embodies all that Viv is. She is a martial artist that would much prefer to sit around eating dumplings. Master Po always hoped to be as cool as the Furious Five, and in the end, became the Dragon Warrior, thus proving to the whole world that perseverance is just as powerful as natural talent. That’s Viv, perseverance and dumplings taking on the world.

Makeup by the amazing Wasian Factor

My camera person had a bit of a mishap for the first 10 sec, so I have spliced in the final run-through, which explains why the audience magically appears and there is a weird gap in the middle.