About Me

My clients are organisations that do good. Like me, they are dedicated to making Aotearoa, and the world, a better place.

My passion is applying my technical, strategic, and management expertise to support these organisations in optimising their technology to achieve their visions more effectively.

In the NGO sector, funding is almost always a heartache. Choices are often made between “best” and “affordable”. Throughout my career, I have helped organisations find that challenging optimal balance; the best tech they can afford, without compromising human safety or organisational mission.

It is important to have a tech strategy that aligns fully with the business strategy. From the micro-to-the-macro levels, I work with organisations to optimise risk and reconcile risk with desired business outcomes. Keeping up with tech is not the goal of most NGOs – as a consulting CTO and technology strategist, it is what I do for them, so they can focus on their reason for being.

If you know a public-good organisation that needs a technical manager with strong experience in achieving the right technical goals, then please introduce us. If you are such an organisation, I am eager to talk to you. Even if you think your technology is just where you want it, it never hurts to ask a second opinion – and my first meeting is always free.

You can email me on emailme@vivianchandra.com

Or check my calendar now and book a meeting.

My PGP key fingerprint is BAE7 8E1E 162E DAA8 AD44 9DE6 59B2 8DE6 1C2F DD5A