• Cruel Eggs are stink

    The Animal Welfare (Layer Hens) Code of Welfare is up for submissions now, and you can make one through both the Green Party and SAFE. Read more

  • Race or Religion? Is there a difference?

    Having worked till the wee hours of the night on my literature review (which will hopefully, fingers crossed, form part of my Masters next year) I thought I’d reformat a teensy bit and post as a blog post… so enjoy… Read more

  • Google Gadgets & Google Sites

    Wow, this post will be completely different in tone from the other two, been mucking round with Google Sites (as we are using Google Apps at work) and have been super annoyed at not being able to just add a twitter feed! Read more

  • It’s not a “gay” marriage

    So you would’ve heard the news by now that Labour MP’s Louisa Wall’s bill was drawn from the members’ bill ballot today. What Bill, you ask? Well the “Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill” of course. The one that would effectively ‘legalise same-sex marriage’. Read more