• Ko Vivian tōku ingoa

    Who am I? I don’t think even I know… really Read more

    Ko Vivian tōku ingoa
  • Colouring in the white spaces

    I have been working in the education sector for a couple of years now. Returning to it, after about a decade away in the charity sector. Earlier this year, Dr Ann Milne put her course, Identifying our White Spaces, online for a discount, and the amazing organisation I work with (The Pam Fergusson Charitable Trust)… Read more

    Colouring in the white spaces
  • Digital Divide & COVID-19

    Just this week our government suggested strongly that we all install an app to help trace our whereabouts. We are living in the weirdest of timelines where a single sick person could spread the virus to several people in their vicinity and not even know for a couple of weeks. Right at the beginning, when… Read more

    Digital Divide & COVID-19
  • Teaching Minecraft: Education Edition

    Some of you will know that I am currently a facilitator working for the Pam Fergusson Charitable Trust. We are accredited Professional Development Providers through Aotearoa, New Zealand’s Ministry of Education. Recently, we were funded by Microsoft New Zealand to run a series of courses in Minecraft: Education Edition. It happened to coincide with the beginning of… Read more

    Teaching Minecraft: Education Edition
  • Right to Self-ID and what does it mean?

    The right to self-ID (changes to the Birth, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Relationship Bill) should have been just a small administrative change, why is it such a big deal? Read More… Read more

    Right to Self-ID and what does it mean?
  • Roastbusters again… really?!

    The Roastbusters boys have resurfaced, and people are understandably upset. How could a national news agency be so shortsighted?! Read More… Read more

    Roastbusters again… really?!