What a trip it was! To start with, here is a map of all the places... https://twitter.com/vivster81/status/807174006537191424 https://twitter.com/vivster81/status/807199005893476352 https://twitter.com/vivster81/status/807368756884185088 We started off with the local cuisine, first up pork and century egg congee Then durian ice kacang #omnomnom https://twitter.com/FlynnChandra/status/807807253306691584 https://twitter.com/vivster81/status/807862092057362433 https://twitter.com/vivster81/status/807921088420134912 https://twitter.com/vivster81/status/807921844682489857 https://twitter.com/vivster81/status/807964082569515008 https://twitter.com/FlynnChandra/status/808564998222053376 https://twitter.com/vivster81/status/808571240189308928 Always time for a wee bit of #feminist #activism https://twitter.com/vivster81/status/808587238124580864Continue reading #ChandraCruise

Pokémon Go and Reality

I am currently in the land of the Free. We've flown 14 hours to have a holiday in Washington DC and New York City with the family. It is amazing... I've never been in this part of the US before and it is everything popular media promised us it would be. Washington DC has amazing … Continue reading Pokémon Go and Reality