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Photo of Vivian Chandra in Panda makeup

Kung Fu Panda!

Master Po from Kung Fu Panda embodies all that Viv is. She is a martial artist that would much prefer to sit around eating dumplings. Master Po always hoped to be as cool as the Furious Five, and in the end, became the Dragon Warrior, thus proving to the whole world that perseverance is just as powerful as natural talent. That’s Viv, perseverance and dumplings taking on the world.

Photo of Vivian Chandra standing on a stage in front of a red curtain wearing a colourful Star Wars dress

Feminist Rage!

In March 2020, just before the end times, the pop-up Globe right here in Tāmaki Makaurau, played a farewell season, and one of the plays was called Emilia. Who was Emilia? She was a published poet, a mother, a teacher and a feminist, from 1569 to 1645! Emilia was five years younger than a dude y’all might know, Willy Shakespeare. She did live longer than him tho, by about 30 years. If you *do* know Shakespeare, you might know that there was a ‘dark lady’ in his Sonnets, an unacknowledged inspiration for his plays, and Lloyd Malcolm, the playwright of Emilia, says it might just be Emilia. This is the closing monologue with some wee Viv changes.