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Random follow #161 – @vivster81

June 27, 2013

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@vivster81 is a really interesting tweeter in that she is a person of great diversity. Diverse in really good ways. That diversity is expressed through different interests and likes and also a really interesting life story that has gotten her to the point in life that she has reached today.

Vivian is a human rights advocate. And a very vocal one at that. She is one member of the team who tweet as Amnesty International New Zealand. She also works for a charity (and I use the term work loosely because sometimes charity is work is voluntary as c.f. paid). For some people keeping their ‘corporate identity’ tweets separate from their personal ones can be a challenge. That is definitely not the case for Vivian.

Three bubble people saying (via speech bubbles) "Conversations Matter"
Three bubble people saying (via speech bubbles) “Conversations Matter”

@vivster81 is a very conversational tweeter and is often at the ready to chat about both the serious and the fun things in life. She tweets pretty much anyone who takes the time to tweet her or if she sees that there is an opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation with somebody else. She also has lots and lots and lots of fun with twitter. If you check out her photo’s she has posted it won’t take long for you to discover that she has a really great sense of humor.

So what does a tweet from Vivian look like?

The inevitable X-Factor tweet….
“urrgh was about to type, so what’s on TV twitter, then saw that it was #xfactornz is there nothing else?!”

Throw in a sports tweet….
“Hashtag confusion must just make it harder for those wanting to filter out, otoh #absvsfra makes me think all kiwis have abs #Mmm #nzlvsfra”

Customer service tweets….
“aww you know it’s a bad day at @FlyAirNZ when their hold music breaks. currently listening to static”

But these are the very few tweets I could find that were stand alone tweets. Over 98% of her activity on twitter is conversing with or talking to other tweeters. This is a highly interactive twitter account that moves quickly, stays current and keeps fresh.

In summary @vivster81 is an an active, vibrant, enthusiastic and energetic tweeter. She takes a common sense approach to tweeting and puts out the good stuff. She is encouraging, thoughtful and honest while also being personable and forthright. And another thing – Vivian’s tweets will inject some sunshine into your timeline. Because lets be honest – we all need some smiley, happy chirpy people around us to help keep our spirits up. I think this account is one that totally deserves following.

Oh and another thing. I am trying to work out what a ‘pastafarian’ is. If someone can let me know I would really appreciate it.

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