A puppy and a kitten lying together on grass

The Vets

The Vets on Manukau Road have been an established veterinarian clinic for many years. We chose them to be our vet when we had our beloved puppies (here and here) and so when they first mentioned that they wanted to re-look at their website, I thought I’d give them a helping hand!

Here is what we started with.

A typical mid-90s website. Lots of words, a menu to the left.

What we did find, when we first started this project was a HUGE wealth of information. Factual, helpful information that would be a shame to lose. So we tried to keep it all, and just surface it when someone searches, rather than having it all right there.

We ended up with this:

Much cleaner interface, keeping the logo and branding intact.

I am no longer taking work on website redesigns. 
However, if you contact me, I do have many contacts in Aotearoa who are great!

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