It’s been a while!

So I’ve been super slack in the whole blogging thing. I guess i’ve not had enough to really make me ranty in a while… hehe, no that’s a lie, just haven’t had the TIME to be /longread/ ranty in a while!

What have you lovely readers been up to?

I thought i’d blog about my rather interesting experience this morning! Took my Mr7, Dylan, to his first book signing today. It was part of the Auckland Writer’s festival and Dav Pilkey (of Captain Underpants fame) was going to be doing a talk and a signing. Pilkey did an amazing job, it was an engaging and fun talk which subtly emphasised the importance of passion and perseverance. Then he did an amazing thing, he promised he would sign every child’s book if they lined up. So line up we did, for two and a half hours! Then a tired and slightly grumpy Mr7 got to meet his favourite author!

I just had a thought as we stood there in line. The line next to ours was Tim Winton, a renowned author who’s recent review in The Guardian read: “a superb tale of disillusionment and redemption, loss and beauty” and yet, there was a mere couple of dozen people in his line. It started an hour later and he was done and dusted before Pilkey. Then the usher told us that David Walliams’ line was THREE hours long the day before.

I think I would like to celebrate and congratulate the authors of kids books. When people line up at midnight to get the latest Harry Potter, when CHILDREN will patiently (well mostly patiently) wait two to three hours just to meet an author, these people are doing something right in the world and certainly doing something for the intelligence and literacy of our kids!

Bravo and Thanks from a parent!

Gendered balloons!

This post is dedicated to all the children’s entertainers out there.

Went to a 1 year old birthday party yesterday. It was a large family affair with many many children of mixed ages attending. As seems to be the thing these days, there was entertainment for the children. As they all gathered at the small table with far too much junk food and soft drinks (after all, it IS a party, let em live it up!) a clown entered, stage right. He seemed like the average sort of clown, struggling to keep the children of quite a varied age range entertained. My Mr5 was right in there, I would hazard a guess that 5 is probably an optimum age for clown entertainment. Mr2 was not so interested, preferring instead to chow down on copious amounts of salty snacks and then wash it down with equally copious amounts of soft drink. (Pop or Soda for the North American readers amongst us)

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kids-playingI read a great article today by Bruce Kasanoff (link below) and it really got me thinking about that whole work/life balance that everyone keeps talking about and what being a mom really means to my career aspirations. The article explains his “Theory of Seven”, basically, if you treat your colleagues and subordinates as if they were seven year olds, you’d be a motivational superstar! Continue reading