Science & Maths

Yep, I'm a self-confessed Tiger Mom. I have a real tension (within my own head) about how to raise my boys. My oldest is just finishing up his first year of school this week. He is currently enrolled in swimming lessons, karate lessons, piano lessons and Kumon Maths. This looks to continue for the next … Continue reading Science & Maths

On parenting and homework

RAWWR! Go back to your room, and don't come out until you've finished your homework! I'm a self-confessed Tiger Mom and am proud of my hard working Asian heritage when it comes to my kids. So when I read the article on the "value" of homework in Friday's Herald, I was intrigued to hear about … Continue reading On parenting and homework


I read a great article today by Bruce Kasanoff (link below) and it really got me thinking about that whole work/life balance that everyone keeps talking about and what being a mom really means to my career aspirations. The article explains his "Theory of Seven", basically, if you treat your colleagues and subordinates as if … Continue reading Motivation