Privacy (Take 2)

Locked KeysKashmir Hill (@kashhill) wrote an article about Trial by Timeline and online privacy on and I found it a much more interesting take on our tool than any of the others I had read! (And trust me, I’ve scanned through quite a few blog posts and articles and even featured in a few!) I really liked how Ms Hill used it as an example to show how Millennials (of which I am one as well) have varying degrees of what they consider privacy. In fact, coincidentally, it was a post on online privacy that launched this blog! Continue reading

Sentenced! Beaten 299 times

IMAGE: Beaten, lashed and imprisoned -’ve been sentenced for 1106 convictions for 8 crimes in 49 countries. Beaten 299 times in 3 countries, tortured 206 times in 3 countries, imprisoned 471 times in 3 countries, lashed 4 times in 2 countries, stoned to death once in 1 country, killed by extremists 366 times in 2 countries, and persecuted 604 times in 2 countries.

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