Photo of Vivian Chandra standing on a stage in front of a red curtain wearing a colourful Star Wars dress

Feminist Rage!

In March 2020, just before the end times, the pop-up Globe right here in Tāmaki Makaurau, played a farewell season, and one of the plays was called Emilia. Who was Emilia? She was a published poet, a mother, a teacher and a feminist, from 1569 to 1645! Emilia was five years younger than a dude y’all might know, Willy Shakespeare. She did live longer than him tho, by about 30 years. If you *do* know Shakespeare, you might know that there was a ‘dark lady’ in his Sonnets, an unacknowledged inspiration for his plays, and Lloyd Malcolm, the playwright of Emilia, says it might just be Emilia. This is the closing monologue with some wee Viv changes.

Interstellar, Dredd and kudos all round

This is a bit of a film review post as well as a high five and kudos to Hollywood recently! Last two movies I've seen is the remake of Dredd and Interstellar. Those of you that read my blog regularly (or follow my crazy ramblings on Twitter) know that I'm proudly and loudly a feminist. … Continue reading Interstellar, Dredd and kudos all round

Patriarchy and Comedy

TRIGGER WARNING: While there is no explicit content in this post, I do mention sex-based crimes. Just came back from a comedy show in town, and it was pretty damn funny. Must admit, there were bits where I laughed so hard I couldn't really breathe. Good night all round. Then there were bits where I thought... … Continue reading Patriarchy and Comedy

The Achilles Effect

I read the most amazing book last night. I am a unashamed loud and proud feminist. I thought I knew all there was to know about gendered marketing and sexism. I thought that I was safe from all that with my two boys. Boy was I wrong. I'd, of course, always been personally affected by … Continue reading The Achilles Effect