I Was Wrong

I guess it's not often that people admit that they are wrong, but I've thought about this, and I have realised that a careless tweet that I made actually went against my own principles and I'd like your thoughts on it! So this was the tweet I was talking bout: https://twitter.com/vivster81/statuses/440959233392001024 I got some typical…Read more I Was Wrong

Sentenced! Beaten 299 times

I've been sentenced for 1106 convictions for 8 crimes in 49 countries. Beaten 299 times in 3 countries, tortured 206 times in 3 countries, imprisoned 471 times in 3 countries, lashed 4 times in 2 countries, stoned to death once in 1 country, killed by extremists 366 times in 2 countries, and persecuted 604 times…Read more Sentenced! Beaten 299 times