Gendered balloons!

This post is dedicated to all the children’s entertainers out there.

Went to a 1 year old birthday party yesterday. It was a large family affair with many many children of mixed ages attending. As seems to be the thing these days, there was entertainment for the children. As they all gathered at the small table with far too much junk food and soft drinks (after all, it IS a party, let em live it up!) a clown entered, stage right. He seemed like the average sort of clown, struggling to keep the children of quite a varied age range entertained. My Mr5 was right in there, I would hazard a guess that 5 is probably an optimum age for clown entertainment. Mr2 was not so interested, preferring instead to chow down on copious amounts of salty snacks and then wash it down with equally copious amounts of soft drink. (Pop or Soda for the North American readers amongst us)

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