#BAD13 Day 8 – Articles 15 & 16

Here I am glossing over or skipping articles again. Articles 15 and 16 were on the cards for tonight, but Article 16 is so juicy these days that I'll just quickly repeat Article 15 and leave it at that! Article 15 states: (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality. (2) No one shall be … Continue reading #BAD13 Day 8 – Articles 15 & 16

It’s not a “gay” marriage

So you would've heard the news by now that Labour MP's Louisa Wall's bill was drawn from the members' bill ballot today. What Bill, you ask? Well the "Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill" of course. The one that would effectively 'legalise same-sex marriage'. But wait... Right there on the first page of the Amendment, … Continue reading It’s not a “gay” marriage