Interstellar, Dredd and kudos all round

thumnbsupThis is a bit of a film review post as well as a high five and kudos to Hollywood recently! Last two movies I’ve seen is the remake of Dredd and Interstellar. Those of you that read my blog regularly (or follow my crazy ramblings on Twitter) know that I’m proudly and loudly a feminist.

I reckon Hollywood deserves a big thumbs up right about now

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[FILM REVIEW] Lee Daniels’ The Butler

thebutler_posterI was lucky enough recently to be invited to the media screening of Lee Daniels’ The Butler through work. It was awesome! (and much much better than the 6.5/10 that IMDB users seem to think it is!) It’s based on the true story of Eugene Allen who served 8 US Presidents as a staff member in the White House. According to various sources online that seems to be where the similarities end.

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