#IStandWithAhmed and *that* clock

Certain parts of the internet has been buzzing today because someone called ProudGamer8 tweeted at Richard Dawkins about Ahmed Mohamed and Dawkins is resolutely standing his ground. In case you've missed it all, Ahmed is a 14 year old kid who was arrested for possessing what looked like dodgy electronics. He took it to school,…Read more #IStandWithAhmed and *that* clock

Race or Religion? Is there a difference?

Having worked till the wee hours of the night on my literature review (which will hopefully, fingers crossed, form part of my Masters next year) I thought I'd reformat a teensy bit and post as a blog post... so enjoy... PS: Yes, this is academic writing, so it has proper referencing... refer to Bibliography at…Read more Race or Religion? Is there a difference?