#BAD13 Day 9 – Articles 17 & 18

Article 17 and Article 18 don't really flow on from each other. Article 17 is all about property rights and Article 18 is all about freedom of religion.. so I'm really gonna have to treat each one seperately! So Article 17 says: (1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in … Continue reading #BAD13 Day 9 – Articles 17 & 18

The mocking of religion

I watched a video this morning on Fox17 today (I know, that was my first mistake... but you gotta give the other side a chance to speak as well... right?) See the link below if you want to. Basically, the video is about how it's become "cool" to mock religion within the United States (and … Continue reading The mocking of religion

Race or Religion? Is there a difference?

Having worked till the wee hours of the night on my literature review (which will hopefully, fingers crossed, form part of my Masters next year) I thought I'd reformat a teensy bit and post as a blog post... so enjoy... PS: Yes, this is academic writing, so it has proper referencing... refer to Bibliography at … Continue reading Race or Religion? Is there a difference?