#BAD13 Day 1 – Preamble, Article 1 & Article 2

Wow that is a horrifically bad title, but I guess you’ll start to see a pattern as I get into these!! So, yesterday I made a pledge that I’d blog every day for the next two weeks in the lead-up to Blog Action Day, so here I am on Day 1. (really bad memories of failed holiday diaries have just come to mind, so perhaps this might not go so well, but here I am optimistically on Day 1) Continue reading

Blog Action Day Pledge!

Eleanor Roosevelt reading the UDHR

Eleanor Roosevelt reading the UDHR

This will be a short post, I thought if I didn’t make this official it wouldn’t happen! I pledge (from tomorrow) to write about 2 articles of the UDHR each day for Blog Action Day 13! That way it’ll be October 16th and I’ll have finished the whole UDHR and be ready to unveil my Blog Action Day 13 Pièce de résistance.

ok that is it.


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