It’s not a sentence, it’s a full stop

Hakamada Iwao is on death row in Japan. Japan's policy is to execute by hanging in secret. Prisoners are typically given a few hours notice, or none at all. Families are only notified after the execution has happened. This means Hakamada has spent 43 years not knowing if today would be his last. However, once … Continue reading It’s not a sentence, it’s a full stop

Safety? Is it an illusion?

So, woke up this morning to the horrific news of Jill Meagher in Melbourne. Police are calling it a "a genuinely random, opportunistic attack"[1] Immediately there are calls for women to partake in self-defense courses and even horribly insensitive suggestions that Jill should've accepted the offer of being "walked home" by her male colleague. Excuse … Continue reading Safety? Is it an illusion?