Let’s CHANGE the world!

change_the_worldI was inspired to write this post because of Sarah Wilson’s recent blog post which was the response from a company she had previously blogged about. You can read the post, or the original one they were referring to by clicking on the link, or here is a one-line summary

“It is a reality of the world to be [INSERT SOME -IST HERE], don’t be silly and try to change it”

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Rape Culture: Not very cultured at all

TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains some graphic sexual content 

Three very different women in two very different countries: one, a 23 year old physiotherapist, taking the bus home with a friend after a movie and a night out. The other two are children (13 and 14 years old), sneaking out to spend time with high school jocks and have a bit of fun.

One very similar outcome.

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