#BAD13 EVE! Wrap up – Articles 28 to 30!

Alright! last post on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the eve of Blog Action Day 2013! Whew, I can't believe I actually glossed and talked about each article in some way shape or form! Now to come up with some spectacular awesome idea for tomorrow's actual #BAD13 post! So Article 28 then, basically … Continue reading #BAD13 EVE! Wrap up – Articles 28 to 30!

#BAD13 Day 7 – Articles 13 & 14

Oooh Articles 13 & 14 are touchy touchy recently! Especially in these parts around here! Article 13 sets up the fact that everyone should be free to leave and return to any country (including their own) and Article 14 is about the right to seek asylum. Of course, it then went on to become an … Continue reading #BAD13 Day 7 – Articles 13 & 14

#BAD13 Day 6 – Articles 11 & 12

Alright, I feel it, the home stretch!! (and insert multiple other sports related metaphors here) I'm gonna gloss over Article 11, because I feel that if you've seen ANY crime drama on TV or in the movies you get it. Article 11 is the whole "You are presumed innocent until you have been proven guilty" … Continue reading #BAD13 Day 6 – Articles 11 & 12

#BAD13 Day 3 & 4 – Articles 5 to 8

Yep! I missed a day! so here is a catch up post! Articles 5 through to 8 spans the gamut from torture through to equality in the eyes of the law. Article 5: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. So Article 5 has a bit of … Continue reading #BAD13 Day 3 & 4 – Articles 5 to 8