Happy (almost) Mother’s Day!

Woman not witch! A lady in Papua New Guinea has had her arm brutally cut off

Woman not Witch © Vlad Sokhin

I am a mother, I have a mother as does my husband. Typically, in the midst of the commercialism of living in the Western world, this week (the week before Mother’s Day) our days are filled with the question “What should we do? Should we do it all together? Should we take our mothers our seperately?” etc etc etc

Of course most people would just say, if it’s too much stress just forget it! After all, it is a manufactured holiday created by corporates to sell cards and inane gifts like aromatherapy sticks.

I want to use this occasion to highlight the difference a little thing like geography can make.

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Mainstream Music – does it matter?

Masha and Nadya from Pussy Riot at Amnesty International's "Bringing Human Rights Home" concert

Masha and Nadya from Pussy Riot at Amnesty International’s “Bringing Human Rights Home” concert

Amnesty International hosted a concert in Brooklyn, New York, USA, yesterday. I had read about the line up a few weeks ago and thought to myself “WOW”, which was quickly followed by a teeny wee bit of jealousy, as I work for the local NZ flavour of Amnesty, and we are just too far away to attract the awesomely famous acts that our US colleagues can.

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