From the ARGH Case Files

WARNING Trigger Warning for mention of child pornography So this article appeared on the Herald today, with the unfortunately horrifically bad headline "Judges living on planet 'dumb arse'" (note, this is a bad headline because it makes fun of the should-be hallowed institution of our judiciary, and thus will turn off any serious readers instantly) … Continue reading From the ARGH Case Files


Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud takes in 750 refugees a year. This measly number means that we are 87th in the world in per capita rankings. We haven't changed this number in 30 years. When Amnesty International (and loads of other organisations) started calling on the New Zealand government to do its bit … Continue reading #RaiseTheQuota

It’s been a while!

So I've been super slack in the whole blogging thing. I guess i've not had enough to really make me ranty in a while... hehe, no that's a lie, just haven't had the TIME to be /longread/ ranty in a while! What have you lovely readers been up to? I thought i'd blog about my … Continue reading It’s been a while!

Girl Geek Dinner becomes RefactorNZ & musings about coding

Yes, this is completely shocking, i've not blogged yet this year, and it is nearly the END of February! I guess I've contained the rant so far! I've just come back from yet another awesome Girl Geek Dinner, wait scratch that, it is now Refactor NZ! And it is as awesome as it ever was! … Continue reading Girl Geek Dinner becomes RefactorNZ & musings about coding