AA Wreckers 1998 Ltd are a small car-wreckers located in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). They have had quite a steady stream of trade through their website for a while but had been frustrated about some of the back-end processes involved with updating their site.

The original site was in the block style that was popular in the mid-1990s but had a lot going for it.

Original homepage screenshot

One of the challenges of the redesign was to ensure the Google ranking was not affected. They are a very localised business and as such rely a lot on Google Maps traffic for their customers to find them.

Furthermore, as a car wrecker, it stands to reason that most consumers do not return, well at least not in the short-term future. After all, we should only need car parts infrequently!

Finally, their other main customer type is the trade customer. These are highly knowledgeable people who search precisely for the part they want and need a quick and pain-free process to complete the purchase

To cater to the different customer types, it was the matter of simplifying the search process as well as facilitating an uncomplicated contact form on each touchpoint.

I am no longer taking work on website redesigns. 
However, if you contact me, I do have many contacts in New Zealand who are great!

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